Apr 16, 2007

personal chills

photo-montage by phD

Apr 1, 2007

Style: geo-political fashion redux

The high fashion industry artists are at it still...

...and the irony is that when the Taliban first started their devastation of Afghanistan, the same magazines alerted their readers to the situation of the invisible women in several insightful [no pun intended] articles.

--collage & comment by phd.

Mar 31, 2007

identity illusions.2

Seems to be a lot of "woman," or do we say "chick," themes going on here lately.
The old homestead, the white bride v. the colorful woman...stuff like that.
Don't understand why, but whenever phd sees pics of women in burkhas, articles on sexual harassment (is that still going on?), or babes showing boobs bigger than they were designed to drag around, bells start ringing. No, tolling...as in doleful.
Maybe it was the eye surgery that allowed clear vision, or the guy who failed to show up to deliver the visually impaired to said surgery. The life view in general is more sharp and yet more fuzzed and poignant.
But then, this time has been set aside for reflection and inner vision...that sight metaphor again. The inner vision has sharpened, also. The true and the false are more easily separated. Form and function are moving closer together.
The next phase may be the female version of curmudgeon, which was so elegantly described as Witch with a B.
Or maybe just Old. Well, it happens to the best of us.

visual editorial.2

art by phDilettante

Mar 4, 2007


Depending on which study one reads, recent statistics show that 28 - 32% of "families" or households are women living without a man.
Much has been made of this.

Primarily much has been made of this by men who question, "Who is raising the children?" As far as phd can determine, the study did not detail whether these feminine living arrangements involved children, single women, divorced women, widowed women, lesbian women or women between 21 and 30 who may be students (who never have living arrangements at all or none anyone cares to know about.)

After exhausting the discussion of The Children, subtle inferences came into play: must be kept women; must be on welfare; must be mentally ill; or ugly. In other words, Something is Wrong with Women. C'mon now, let's all say it up front - if a woman doesn't live with a man, she is unnatural. She is fragmented; she doesn't fit in the box; she does not wear white but is a growing grey mold on the culture of America. Or is she so startling in her brilliant multicolored parts that she cannot be seen at all.
--art and comment by PhD.